Vandals Shaking Hands with Morrice

Friday night was a battle of the undefeated. Both Merrill and Morrice walked into the evening with an undefeated record. Merrill took an early lead and held the line with a strong defense to keep the Orioles scoreless,  14-0, at halftime. 

When the teams returned to the field after the half Morrice dug in and found themselves on the board earning two touchdowns. However, Merrill could not be stopped, and pulled away in the fourth quarter coming out with gaping 52-12 win over Morrice. 

Your Vandals will walk into the 7th game of the season with a, still undefeated, 6-0 record. Last week's win secured a spot in the playoffs for our hometown team.  This Friday, October 7th, Merrill will travel to Sacred Heart to see if they can continue their winning streak. 

Go Vandals!