Elementary Robotics and Lego club

FLL Robotics Lego Challenge

The FLL robotics challenge came to a close for the season. The students placed 13th out of 36 teams. Our students created a project this year that allowed them to help a village in Africa, called Lukulu. The team raised money to ship soccer balls to this community and engaged in communication via zoom with students from a Christian school in Africa. The team taught the students how to play the soccer drill game, “Sharks and Minnows”.  FLL challenge is an innovative way to engage students in Lego building by combining it with the engineering and programming of robotics. This program offers 4th/5th grade students the chance to explore real world problems, discovery out of the box solutions, and help the community. The program lasts 12 weeks. The students express their learning at a final tournament with the chance to advance to the championship. At the tournament the team competes in 4 robotic challenges, demonstrates gracious professionalism, and presents an innovative project. Their innovative project this year was Lego Feud. 

 Lego Explore

Lego explore teaches K-3 students the basics of robotics programming and engineering skills using legos to engineer solutions to real world problems. This program runs for 8 weeks. During this time students learn how to express their learning through six core values: discovery, fun, innovation, impact, teamwork, and inclusion. At the end of the eight weeks teams attend a tournament. At the tournament the teams articulate their learning, programming, and engineering skills they have acquired. Parent involvement is the backbone of Lego Explore. Each team requires a parent volunteer to be the mentor of the team. Parents learn along with the students during the process. Which creates a family centered program.