Check out the Spirit Days for Homecoming next week!
2 months ago, Hannah LaPaugh
Spirit Days
The 5th graders completed a 100 random acts of kindness challenge. They read the book “Kindness is cooler Mrs. Ruler” and discussed the importance of kindness and different ways to show kindness. Every student was challenged to complete random acts of kindness and write down what they did on paper hearts. They went above and beyond, completing 129 acts of kindness over the course of 1 week! 😊
3 months ago, Hannah LaPaugh
Kindness is Cooler Wall
It is time to turn in summer reading logs for the summer reading challenge! Go to the Elementary Page > About Us to download a reading log.
4 months ago, Hannah LaPaugh
Summer Reading
So much dancing fun!! ❤️❤️ Thank you to our Elementary’s PVO for putting on such a beautiful event!
9 months ago, Merrill Community School District
Students posing with balloons