Merrill Elementary School

Merrill Elementary School is a PreK-5th grade supportive community where committed staff members and faculty come alongside your child to foster educational and personal growth. It is our priority to offer an exceptional educational environment while also encouraging support and community in every classroom. Here, every student is not just seen, but known, respected and appreciated for who they are as an individual. We offer a solid curriculum – coupled with hands-on learning – to provide a strong foundation for your child.

Merrill Elementary is proud to provide a comprehensive curriculum to best prepare students for middle school, high school and beyond. Our teachers and staff are equipped with innovative tools to help stay at the forefront of learning and applying each lesson. In addition to academics, we prioritize the cultivation of each student’s individual gifts and talents to help prepare the way for a successful, happy, healthy life.

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345 W. Alice St | Merrill, MI. 48637 | Phone: 989-643-7283 | Fax: 989-643-5249

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