Merrill Middle School

The middle school years are a significant time in a student’s life in terms of growth and development. In grades 6th, 7th and 8th, students are making the necessary and important shift from children to teens, leaving the elementary school behind and preparing for transition into the high school. Our faculty and staff are focused and committed to guiding students to become the best they can be while learning and showcasing kindness, support and acceptance.

Merrill Middle School is a supportive environment with a challenging, comprehensive curriculum that helps prepare middle school students to exceed expectations and grow as a student and as a person.

The middle school is located within the same building as the high school, with its own separate wings and gymnasium. This creates a distinction between the middle and high school students, while also establishing a familiarity and comfort level that makes the transition from middle to high school less intimidating and more seamless.

Our school system provides a safe, supportive environment, individual classroom attention and multiple academic and extracurricular clubs and athletic programs to pave the path toward success. We have after-school programs and tutoring to provide resources and individual attention to provide multiple opportunities to help come alongside your middle school student.

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