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Merrill Community School District Early College Program

College Options. Career Options. Sucess for Life.

Merrill Community Schools are re-envisioning our student’s educational and career opportunities. To help prepare all learners for success in their first year of postsecondary education, we have established Merrill Community Early College (MCEC). MCEC will enable students to graduate with college credits up to an Associate’s degree and/or vocational certifications.

Students electing to participate in MCEC will have the opportunity to complete up to 62 college credits or a full vocational certificate at NO COST.

  • Ability to register for college courses before general public

  • Paid tuition and fees (textbook assistance is also available) 

  • Individualized planning and support

  • Technology provided a along with a mentor for support

Mrs. Allison Jordan

Mrs. Allison Jordan

Early College Access Coordinator

Do you need more information about enrolling in Merrill Community School’s Early College Program? Contact Allison Jordan today!

989-643-7231 ext: 206

Merrill Community Early College Post-Secondary Partners

Saginaw Career Complex

Saginaw Career Complex (SCC) is the Career and Technical Education Center for Saginaw County. The school offers 19 programs that help students prepare for college, technical work, or skilled entry-level work. Students from high schools throughout Saginaw County are eligible to attend, and generally do so while continuing to attend classes at their home high school.

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Delta College

Over 200 vocational, degree and certification programs available on Merrill’s campus, online or on Delta’s main campus.

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