Bond Question Flyer

I heard a troubling question the other day, so I wanted to address it for everyone:

What about declining enrollment and our current finances?

I am happy to say that our district has worked hard to be responsible with our resources. We are financially sound, and have found ways to offer small class sizes, enrichment to all students and families. Our fall count for students is also higher this year than last year. We are making sure that we are the district of choice for all of our families.

The rumors of our school consolidating with other schools have been around for my entire life. I shudder to think of this ever happening. Can you imagine the impact on our little community?! A strong school creates a strong community and a strong community creates a strong school. Our businesses depend on us as we depend on them. That is what community is all about.

We are so lucky to be in a community that has always supported our efforts. THANK YOU FOR MAKING Merrill the place "WHERE YOU BELONG".

Superintendent Gwen Glazier